Marrell J. McNeal
Attorney at Law, PC


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I have been a trained mediator for more than ten years. Recently I have been called upon by our local family court judge to mediate domestic relations cases. Each case assigned to me has been successfully mediated.

During mediation, I meet with you and your counsel together with the other party and separately in order to understand the issues involved. I remain completely neutral and do not take anybody’s side in the dispute. My job is to find common ground with a view toward resolving the dispute in a mutually agreeable manner. I am bound by strict rules of confidentiality and cannot tell anyone, including the other side, anything you or your lawyer tells me in confidence. There is no requirement that you agree to settle. You stay in control of your case and can terminate the mediation at any time. If your case fails to settle, it will proceed to trial or other resolution just as if the mediation had never taken place.

There are enormous emotional and financial costs involved in taking a case to trial. I remember as a small child in rural Alabama not liking our neighbor solely because she and my father got into a landline dispute. I did not know her and knew nothing of the issues involved. I only knew she was the enemy of my family because of the lawsuit with my dad. Lawsuits have a way of perpetuating bad feelings that even infect our children. Finally, the cost of prosecuting or defending a lawsuit can financially devastate a family.

It is rare for both sides of a lawsuit to leave the courtroom happy. Mediation allows you to control the result through a mutually agreeable settlement.

If I can be of assistance in mediating your case, please contact me.